Starfighter: Eclipse Selene Walkthrough

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An erotic, g*y visual novel set in the science fiction universe of the Starfighter webcomic.




  • Be nice to Abel
  • Nice to Encke
  • Flirt and Selene
  • Flirt and Selene
  • Notice Deimos
  • Porthos should be ignored
  • Talk to Abel
  • Going great
  • Hurry up


Alien Ship


  • Don’t go there.
  • Selene, were you?
  • Selene: Help Abel


Back on Ship


  • Wear Civies
  • Ask the MO to let you visit.
  • What were your needs?




  • Talk to Selene
  • What is he looking at exactly?
  • You wonder what the other guys are doing?
  • Abel’s great


Cargo Hold


  • Run in the company of Deimos/Cain




  • What are you two talking to each other about?
  • Okay, later!
  • Get back to your job.
  • See what the techs can do
  • What are you up to?
  • Play cards


Observation Deck


  • Run in the Ethos/Praxis




  • Selene, you have this!


Med Bay


  • Deimos is your guide.




  • Yes, you can call it a “day”.


Meet Abel, Hall


  • If Cain hadn’t ran you off
  • Spend time with you because you are a great person.


Hayden’s Office


  • I believe I understand
  • Seems like…




  • I think you are great.
  • Let me go along




  • He’s amazing
  • Wait for training?
  • Take a rest


Mess Deck


  • Sorry for intruding


Follow Deimos to Hallway


  • Leave (Go into training (hj1)




  • Enjoy a good time with me.
  • It’s not certain




  • What’s your problem?
  • Sorry
  • Touch Selene’s face (hj2-
  • Let me get dressed
  • No, I’m coming to you




  • Sorry.




  • Don’t wait (the other leads to a poor end).




  • Let me take care
  • Stay with Selene
  • I have to help Selene (H-Scene)

That’s the happy ending for Selene!

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