United heist Walkthrough The box

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Your group is made up of the two most ruthless thieves money can buy. One day, a client asked for something from the government. You can now decide who manages the intel and who enters the facility to complete the task in this asynchronous cooperative puzzle game.

The box

For the last puzzle, you must complete eight steps in succession. This button is required to restart or start the puzzle.

United heist Walkthrough The box - The box - 70889FD

The eight steps are then:

1. Lever “B” in the central press

2. Thief pulls the 2nd rope

3. Lever “A” in the central press

4. Thief press lever “R”

5. Press the button in the middle next to the number 5.

6. Thief presses the button with this symbol

United heist Walkthrough The box - The box - DA800F9

7. Central press lever “C”.

8. Thief presses lever “L”.

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