Vampire Survivors Character Spotlight Imelda

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An overview of Imelda, along with some tips to help you better play her


Growth is Imelda’s most significant stat. She gains 10% every five levels up to 30% when she reaches level 15. Her Growth can reach as high as 80% when she has the Crown. This allows her a faster rate of growth than other characters. The Queen cannot be unlocked until she is ready; even then, she will need eighty levels to match Imelda.

The Weapon

Imelda uses Magic Wand. It fires a series of blue bolts at the closest target and then targets it again. It has eight levels. It is a great supporting weapon because it gains damage of “20 to base “, more bolts than three “, and a short cooldown ” at 0.2 seconds.

The Holy Wand transforms the Magic Wand into the Holy Wand. Imelda can then roam the turret and unload streams of blue bolts by evolving it with Endless Tome. This allows Imelda to breathe while she improves her weapon and pa*sives and eliminates the need for her enemies to be targeted.

Why and what not ” pro and cons “?”

Why Imelda

Imelda can help people get their builds up and running faster. The Magic Wand provides support for any build. Keep Magic Wand leveled along the rest of the build to increase the Growth bonus and speed up the build.

Why not Imelda

Because of how enemies crowd around your character, she can easily become overwhelmed quickly. The Magic Wand works best when Imelda is safe from the object being shot at. Other weapons give Imelda the space she needs to do Imelda’s job, which consists of gaining experience.

The Magic Wand is a little confusing until you figure out what stats directly affect it “Area/Might/Speed” if you have any questions. Duration is easy to determine.

How to get

Imelda will be the second character most people choose. You can unlock her for ten coins.

Tips and Buildings


To keep them equal, try to level Magic Wand alongside all other weapons in a building. The Magic Wand should be considered a primary support weapon. It is essential for building your build. Accelerating your leveling can also be done with the Crown, which offers 50% Growth, and Endless Tome (which has a 40% cooldown).

Machine Gun build

Weapons: Magic Wands. Bible. Fire Wand.

Pa*sives, Endless Tome Bracer, Spellbinder – one level if Banish not unlocked – Duplicator, Spinach

The Machine Gun build boosts Magic Wand’s projectile speed and amount. Imelda then wins by filling the battlefield with lead. Bracer reduces the cooldown and all weapons fire more often. Bracer speeds up the killing of enemies and Duplicator increase the number of shots fired. Bible adds great defense. When leveled, it gains speed/amount/area, with some duration. Spellbinder’s level 1 is enough to evolve Bible into Unholy Vespers. Banish it at level 2 to ensure that Bible/Rune Chaser/Fire Wand don’t stay around, slowing down the build.

Bomb Bombs Bombs

Weapons include Santa Water Magic Wand, Santa Water Rune Chaser Cherry Bomb Bible or Bible, Axes, and Pentagram.

Pa*sives: Endless Tome, Attractorb, Armor, Candelabra, Crown, Bracer

Bombs, Bombs, Bombs, let Imelda explore EVERYTHING. Imelda has at most four weapons that will bomb the area surrounding Imelda. Magic Wand provides cover for explosions. If you haven’t unlocked Cavallo, the merchant, use Bible instead of Cherry Bomb to provide more defense. Pentagram must be leveled ASAP. Pentagram has a reputation for wiping elite and experience chests. However, this chance is greatly reduced when it reaches level 8. The Gorgeous Moon is also an option for Pentagram evolution, which aids in both enemy clearing out and gathering experience. Ax really shines in Death Spiral evolution, which acts like an explosive fragmentation bomb centered around Imelda. Santa Water is now La Borra. Imelda is made almost untouchable by La Borra Shifting, while No Future (and Cherry Bomb) clear groups beyond La Borra


Imelda is my favorite. I used Imelda to unlock all the content in the game. I’ve also tried every major construct with her. She was considered THE leveling character for an extended period until people realized how valuable Curse is for leveling up builds. Lama then took over. She can still level with them, and she makes great use of her Growth for builds specifically focused on her.

Although Imelda has seen her leveling gain increase beyond what she brought, other characters have also made it possible to fit those builds to her. It’s still possible to make her look great, and she’s still fun to use the Magic/Holy Wand to clean up everything that might be looking at her sideways. Imelda’s Magic Wand is the only weapon that supports her builds. Although she may not be able to hit the hardest or fastest, she’s a reliable horse who will a*sist you in any run.

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