Vampire Survivors How To Evolve Mortaccio

Hello, and welcome to this little tutorial, How To Evolve Mortaccio.

Mortacho evolution: how to improve it Unlocking the New Back Country challenge stage will be the first thing you must complete.

You must play through the Mad Forest stage in reversed mode until you reach level 80 to accomplish it.

When you achieve level 80, you’ll be able to access the Challenge stage. Your access to Bat Country will be enabled as soon as you depart the stage.

You must join the backstage stage and perform till the last second, the 18th minute. The Relic you need will arrive; however, while one does appear at minute 9, it is not the Relic we are looking for. Once the 18-minute mark is reached, you may pick up the malachite chaos relic and quit the game.


Vampire Survivors How To Evolve Mortaccio 2 -
Vampire Survivors How To Evolve Mortaccio 2 – gamewithpa*


Now that it has been unlocked join any stage with Mortacho and play until you reach level 80.


Once you reach Level 80, you’ll see that Mortacho has transformed into a giant skeleton.

Vampire Survivors How To Evolve Mortaccio 3 -
Vampire Survivors How To Evolve Mortaccio 3 – gamewithpa*


Note that as of the time of making this video, this update is not yet in the official Game version; therefore, to unlock these relics, you will need to right-click on the game in Your Steam Library and open properties.

Specifically, you can find Goshidokuro, a large Skeleton enemy, in the Mount Moon spell stage. after selecting the public Beta version from the betas tab, the game will begin.

That’s it for this brief lesson, people.

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