Vampire Survivors How To Farm Le Gold

Hello and welcome to this Vampire Survivors How To Farm Le Gold guide.

This guide will show how to Farm Le Gold among vampire survivors.

Step 1:Obtaining Big Trouser

To make money with vampire survivors, you will need to unlock big trousers. To do this, go to moongolow and increase the level of all available pickups up to the max(excluding metaglioss). After you have done this, you need to quit before red death spawns and kills. Go to the menu to see trousers unlockable.

Step 2:Egging Up Big Trouser

After Big Trouser is unlocked, you must place 450-500 minimum eggs on him. There are 2 ways you can do this. 1:If you have used my previous guide for moongolow gold farming, you will need to go into any map(. If you have the moongolow gla*s vizard available from the merchant), then walk into the merchant and select golden eggs. Then you can move on. Step 3 is possible if you don’t have enough money from farming moongolow. I will summarize my previous moongolow gold farming guide here. 1:unlock disco of Gold. To unlock it you will need to survive 31 mins in the inlaid Library after unlocking the randomazzo() discoofgold relic. This will:heal and prevent you from picking-up gold. It also triggers gold fevers. To unlock moongolow you will need to reach 25 minutes to defeat the boss. The boss can be found on any four stages. In moongolow, take disco gold and try to stagger you movement when a fever is active. This is because breaking the vases which spawn gold drops it and picking up gold keeps it active. After this, you can then buy 450-500 eggs of gold and put them all into big trouser.

Step 3: Good Picks For Farming and The Basics

Now that you have your trouser ready, you can farm. But first you must unlock Divine Bloodline. You must be at least 50 with sour priests to unlock Divine Bloodline. For the basics and top picks, read on. Arcanas – Pick Divine Bloodline or Saraband Of Healing. For the starting arcana, pick Disco Of Gold. Pa*sives/Accessories:Empty Tome,Attractorb,Spinach,Stone Mask, Stone Mask is the most important of the four because it raises greed(gold bonus). Note: if you have 10,000+ eggs on trouser you dont need spinach or empty tome or attractorb as these stats max out when you have enough eggs. Mind bender relic requires that you limit your weapons to 2/3. If 2 pick laroba from the candybox and get laurel, if 3 pick the laroba form the candybox and get laurel.

Step 4:Farming Le Gold

Vampire Survivors How To Farm Le Gold - Step 4:Farming Le Gold - C02543BTo begin Farming Of Le Gold, select The Bone Zone, take the previously mentioned arcanas beginning with a disco of Gold, and stagger your movement once everything has fully leveled up when a fever activates to collect maximum Gold.

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