Wild Hearts Best Starter Weapons? Tier List

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Anyone unfamiliar with the “Monster Hunting” genre should expect to be baffled. Choosing which weapon to use can be difficult when there are so many weapons, such as the Karakuri. Although the game allows you to acquire new weapons, it is still essential to understand which ones are worth your time. You might not be getting the full pleasure from your weapon. Perhaps you want a break. No matter the reason, we will compile a ranking for the best Wild Hearts beginner guns.


Wild Hearts’ Top-Tier Starter Weapons

This tier list may change throughout the game’s life as weapons get nerfed/buffed and new weapons are added. Here you will find information about the best weapons to use for beginners.

Some weapons can cause a complete breakdown of our ranking system. However, we will a*sume that you’re creating a new character. As you become familiar with the game’s controls, it is best to take it slow. Due to Wild Hearts’ gameplay, this ranking will prioritize weapon types based on how easy they can be used or how accessible they are for new players.


Best Starter Weapons In Wild Hearts-S-Tier

Karakuri Staff

The Karakuri Staff is a unique piece of equipment because it is the only weapon of its Tier (S) in Wild Hearts. Because of its medium weight and distinctive shapes, this staff stands out from other staff. It can be modified to fit your situation and the nature the beast you’re fighting. The Karakuri Staff can be used as a primary weapon and is very versatile.


Best Starter Weapons in Wild Hearts: A-Tier

Claw Blades

Karakuri Katana

Hand Cannon

The Karakuri Katana, and the Claw Blades, can almost reach the Karakuri Staff. The medium Katana, and the light Claw Blades, add speed and variety to the battlefield. You can dodge the monsters’ attacks and avoid them by moving in and out of their way. Most attacks have a quick wind-up, which allows beginners more room for error if not planned. The hand cannon, which is last among A-ranking weapons, is not the least. Although it is unlikely to be high up on most people’s lists, this weapon can do incredible damage. This weapon has some drawbacks, such as requiring you to manage more resources than any other kind of weapon. This weapon is great for those just starting or playing with friends. You can deal significant damage without memorizing every monster’s attack pattern.


Best Starter Weapons In Wild Hearts-B-Tier

Bladed Wagasa



The B-tier weapons are now on the list. They are slowly dropping down the page. The Bladed Wagasa is the most prominent weapon on the list. It could be cla*sified an S-Tier weapon if it is used correctly. This compact tool seamlessly combines offensive as well as defensive capabilities. This is one of the most exciting weapons in the game. Skilled hands could raise the quality of the Wagasa to the “S” level. The Wagasa is unique because it has a parry mechanic, unlike any other weapon. It is possible to avoid damage and increase your attack range by timing your opponent’s attacks carefully. If you are not as quick as me, this is the time to put down your weapon because the Wagasa is so helpful for its parrying ability.

The Bow will be the most intuitive of all the ranged weapons you encounter throughout the game. The Bow also allows you to switch between two different stances when dealing damage. Its lower damage output means it ranks below the Hand Cannon. The range of both these weapons allows you to focus on the damage and not worry about the monster’s position relative to you. If you are looking for maximum damage, the Nodachi is your best option. The Nodachi resembles the Berserk-style protagonist and can launch devastating attacks. I am a*suming that you can launch an attack. These ma*sive pieces are not the best defense against enemy attacks.


Best Starter Weapons In Wild Hearts C-Tier


Last but not least is the Maul. This is the most powerful weapon available in the game and the final weapon on the list. The Maul can be used to pulverize all of your opponents instantly. Like the Nodachi, the Maul can be too slow for inexperienced gamers.

If you are a novice player without prior experience with monster attack patterns, it can feel like you’re being taken advantage of. It’s crucial to strike just at the right moment when using a Maul. Because it has the slowest attack rate of any weapon in the game, This is more than compensated for because it’s the most powerful attacking weapon. Everyone you face will know if you can get a full combo with the Maul. This is a fair concession considering the game’s rules. Players are given more points for strategic play using slower weapons. As they level up and switch weapons, the ceiling is raised.

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