Wild Hearts Can You Hide Your Helmet? Answered

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Wild Hearts allows you to stalk and steal your path through breathtaking landscapes looking for fierce kemono. Your helmet may get in the route of your search for kemono. While they may seem minor, helmets often get in the way. Is there anywhere in Wild Hearts where you can put your helmet?

Can you play Wild Hearts with your helmet off?

In games that don’t offer this feature, players must devise their commands or mods to make the helmet invisible and keep its abilities. Wild Hearts has no code or external support to hide your helmet. This is also impossible to do in-game. Until a mod or extension is created, you’ll need to deal directly with the helmet’s obstacles.

It is unlikely that game developers would ever implement such a feature as it would conflict with the story. We can only wait for someone with the coding skills to make a mod that everyone could use. We’ll keep everyone informed by revising this page if any developments occur.

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