Wild Hearts How to fix Network Error 2147811328?

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If you have trouble defeating bosses alone, you can recruit a hunter to help you. It is both scary and very stressful. Error codes are often the final straw that can push a player over the edge. This can lead to frustration and possibly even uninstalling the game. This is especially true if the player disconnects near the end. This is why we have a solution to the network error code. It will allow you to continue your efforts to defeat that annoying Spineglider. Below is a description of how to fix Wild Hearts error code 2147811328.


What is the solution for Network Error 2147811328 in Wild Hearts?

To fix the problem with the network connection, you will need to exit Wild Hearts. This error is most commonly caused by Wild Hearts running in sleep mode. Most players can resolve the problem by simply restarting Wild Hearts. You can follow the steps below to fix the issue if you play the game on a PS5. First, make sure the Wild Hearts application is closed. Next, reboot your PS5, ensuring your console does not enter rest mode. If so, go to the settings menu and disable the rest mode option.

After restarting your PlayStation 5 console, unplug the modem and console for a total of two minutes. Turn on your PlayStation 5 – (PS5 – ), check for updates, and then try to relaunch Wild Hearts. This could fix the problem and allow you to play online together again. Relaxing by a campfire and checking if “Play Online” is still available allows you to determine if the solution was successful.

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