Wild Hearts How to Get Sapscourge Horn?

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The Step-by-Step Guide to getting the Sapscourge Horn in Wild Hearts

In the Wild Hearts expansion, to obtain a Sapscourge Horn, it is necessary to land a decisive strike on the headgear of the Sapscourge Giant Kemono, which can be found in Harugasumi Way close to the Northern Amber Grotto inside caves. If you’re looking to swiftly take down the Sapscourge and get it out of the way, focus your attacks on its head, the most vulnerable part of its body. You can also focus on destroying its tail since this will make it a much easier Kemono to attack once the tail is severed!

There’s a chance that you’ll get the following items after killing a Sapscourge: Sapscourge Amber and Sapscourge Leaf Beard.

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