Wild Hearts How to remove branches?

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Most doors have knobs, and obstacles can be moved. However, walls comprised of vines are more challenging to navigate. The branches are created by Kemono, who are currently on the run and are trying to modify their environment to suit their needs. However, these vines multiply in inconvenient places, preventing access to Tsukumo and other treasures. Follow along with us as we take you through the steps required to get rid of the vine walls in Wild Hearts.


What is the best method to cut down the vines in Wild Hearts?

The vines won’t be cut down until Kingtusk is defeated and you have the Karakuri torches in your possession. If you’ve fulfilled all of these conditions, then you must place the Karakuri torch in a spot in which it is right next to the wall of branches. Your objective in this situation is to tear down the wall by slashing it with a blazing sword. All you have to do is swing your blade toward the torch to light the torch. If you attempt to strike the torch, you could be subjected to a lunge attack, which can bring the wall down.

It isn’t possible to take down every plant in Wild Hearts by torching it. However, you can torch the branches that block the doors. This entrance is located in the Abandoned Town. However, you won’t be able to obtain a Tsukumo when there’s an obstruction of branches on the opposite side. Another roadblock can be found close to the Rocky Shrine Approach. This one is cluster vines that block your way. These can be removed by simply pulling out your torch and using your sword. You will see the destruction unfold before your eyes.

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