Wild Hearts How to unlock Bulwark?

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The box and spring Karakuri will be used in your first mission. But there are other types that you can use in Wild Hearts. During intense combat, many Fusion Karakuri are available in addition to the traditional Karakuri styles. You’ll be able to combine your existing knowledge and abilities to discover a more nuanced approach to using the resources you have at your disposal. The code for unlocking the Bulwark Karkuri Wild Hearts unlock code is below.


Methods to Acquire Fusion Karakuri from Wild Hearts

After defeating the Kingtusk giant, kemono, the first form of Fusion Karakuri, also called Bulwark, will be revealed to you. In the middle of the fight, Kingtusk will prepare to use his special move, which is a fast charge straight at your face. You will then be given a timed challenge in which you must stack Karakuri containers in a row that is at least two units wide and three inches high. When you do this, a Bulwark will be formed, which the Kingtusk must hit when trying to launch a charge attack. The Bulwark Karakuri is now available to you.

The first time you defeat a giant Kemono, you will get access to more Fusion Karakuri. These epiphanies occur in a fierce battle and almost always serve to stop a targeted kemono. Navigate to the Karakuri tab to see the Fusion Karakuris you have yet to unlock. Certain Fusion Karakuri can only be accessed if you have the skill. Before you take on the challenge of unlocking the Fusion you are trying to unlock, ensure you have met all prerequisites.

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