Wild Hearts How to Use Hunter’s Arm and Climb Monsters?

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Techniques to Scale Creatures Using The Hunter’s Arm

The Hunter’s Arm is one of the abilities available in the game and can prove very beneficial throughout your Wild Hearts journeys. While Hunter’s arm can be helpful in certain situations, such as characters that depend more on protection or character customization, Its primary function is to be utilized in combat situations. It is designed to fight opponents of huge size, almost as big as the size of kaiju.

The Hunter’s Arm is an item that can be used straightforwardly on your part. It is first necessary to inflict some harm on the Giant Kemono you choose. After a while, some glowing blue dots will appear as the marks you’ve caused. After you have caused enough damage to trigger them, you can stow your weapon and make a running start. Once you’re in the air, press R1 or RB to capture the blue spots. Then, you can take the thread from the Giant Kemono by pressing L2 or LB or the a*signed button. This will result in you receiving a thread much more than your usual limit. As a result, you can add some additional strength to your Karakuri, which eventually leads to more damage to your adversaries.

You must continue using this skill to keep an edge over your adversaries. No Kemono can take your life away, whether large or small. In most, it isn’t as simple for them as they were in the past. Take control of the thread, do some serious damage, and you will be victorious. Good luck!

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