Your Chronicle Rank Achievements

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"Let’s begin your own story." This is a text-based idle RPG game. There are already more than 2,500 unique story actions and it’s still growing.

Rank Achievements

Your Exp is the sum of all your actions in Your Chronicle. This determines your rank. Once you have enough Exp and you can rank up by performing a Sacred Ritual. Ranking up is a habit you can a*sign to an existing routine to gain bonuses, boosts, and forms of automation.
Tip: If you do not wish to perform any actions, pray for Exp. Even if the destiny is fulfilled, you will get Exp for your rank.

Pray, and other immediate actions give you exp. Long-term actions like quests and achievements can provide exp multipliers. This makes it easier to climb the ranks higher you go in the game.

The achievements related to Rank are easily obtainable and will be unlocked automatically as you advance through the game. If you’re trying to complete the game, it’ll be impossible to miss them.

Your Chronicle Rank Achievements - Rank Achievements - 83CAD85

These variables can impact your rank:

  • Actions can earn exp
  • Upgrade actions
  • Chronicles completed
  • (in-game) Achievements you’ve completed
  • Dark Rituals can give you the ability.
  • Pride completion bonuses
  • Ex multiplier
  • Equipment
  • Secondary equipment
  • Bonuses for Ally members
  • Routine through Sacred Ritual
  • Cla*s bonus through Chivalry spirit (Warrior)
  • Envy Routine level


Rank 10

Your Chronicle Rank Achievements - Rank Achievements - 1118A5F Rank 10 is possible after you have unlocked Dark Ritual very early in the game’s first area.

20th place

Your Chronicle Rank Achievements - Rank Achievements - 73E5AA6 Is the 20th rank after entering the Forest for the first time.

30th rank

Your Chronicle Rank Achievements - Rank Achievements - 1BE9A5A Rank 30 is most likely to have been earned during your academy training.

Rank 50

Your Chronicle Rank Achievements - Rank Achievements - A9AAAEB Rank 50 is usually gained after you defeat the Demon Kings for the first time. Don’t fret if you haven’t gotten it. Plenty of opportunities ahead. Did you purchase the Auto Sacred Ritual from the shop recently?

Rank 100

Your Chronicle Rank Achievements - Rank Achievements - CE05990 To reach rank 100, you will be required to reincarnate or do some boring and serious grinding. Late game it will be easy to achieve Rank 100, so don’t worry about it.

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